Fit for Functional Fun

Benefit from an efficient and intensive strength training workout where you train several important muscle groups at the same time. This challenging workout helps you to strengthen your deep muscles, reduce existing back problems and prevent future problems.

With inspiring and varied exercises, you improve your physical strength, stability, flexibility and coordination, and you optimize your everyday performance. A unique and extremely entertaining course!

Open for all levels!

Functional training

In this workout, we focus on functional training that will improve your body’s ability to work together as one efficient unit. By strengthening your coordination, your sense of balance and your awareness of your body, you effectively reduce your risk of injury. At the same time, you create muscle memory that improves your posture and helps with joint pain.


In each class, we learn new exercises. That way, you can always join in and do something powerful and healthy for your body. This workout is fun, challenges you in a unique way and gives you wonderful physical benefits, making your whole body feel internally relaxed and strong. Your physical performance will increase noticeably.

Especially suitable for…

Fit for Functional Fun is an excellent workout for soccer players, artists and dancers. And if you work in an office, you can use it as a basis for feeling completely comfortable and awake in your body. The more you train functionally, the better your body learns to move as an efficient system. You will eventually develop an excellent kinaesthetic awareness for each of your movements.

Spinal training

This is also the perfect course for you if you have problems with your spine, because you will develop your muscles over the long term and work effectively against malfunctions.

Suitable locations

This course can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Bring along:

Please bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle and a towel.