Maria Juana Jimenez

Circus artist, trainer for mat pilates, functional and spinal gymnastics, and dance trainer for Funky Swing

I love to dance flamenco and a humorous style of funky swing. My classes are characterized by powerful dynamics and effective, health-conscious training with varied, playful and challenging exercises at a professional level.


For me, the most important thing about teaching is to share my great enthusiasm for dancing with you and to encourage you to develop joy in effective, new exercises that you would not have dared to do before.


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Maria Juana Jimenez
Funky Swing Kurs Berlin

Fit for Funky Swing

Pretty much the most fantastic cardio workout ever. Kick, jump and spin, dance with creative and funny moves to wonderful funky swing music. Together with other great people we burn a ton of calories without even noticing.

Fexibility Fun_901_0003_030

Fit for Flexibility Fun

A wonderful full body workout for your connective tissue and muscles that will help you release shoulder and back tension. It includes functional strengthening, deep active stretching and relaxation for your entire body.

Functional Fun_902_0017_049

Fit for Functional Fun

Benefit from an efficient and intensive strength training where you train several important muscle groups at the same time. This challenging training helps you to strengthen your deep muscles, to reduce existing back problems and to prevent future problems.