Fit for Flexibility Fun

A wonderful total body workout for your connective tissue and muscles that will help you release shoulder and back tension. It includes functional strengthening, deep active stretching and relaxation for your entire body, and it is rich in playful, effective exercises. You will also learn how to do the splits correctly!

Everyone brings different physical abilities to this course. These are, for example, determined by the shape of the joint bones and also by the interaction of the muscles, counter muscles and ligaments of each joint. If the muscles are short, they restrict the movement of the joint, but if they are relaxed, they increase the range of movement. If you train your flexibility regularly, you will achieve a significant improvement in your mobility in the long run.

Open for all levels!

Your health

In my flexibility training, you can work effectively to regain and improve your flexibility. Through the different stretching exercises, the range of movement of your joints gradually increases. Your muscles lengthen and are tense less often. Everyday movements become smoother and you can train more efficiently. A high degree of flexibility has a very positive effect on the practice of other sports.

My training program

My courses mainly include dynamic stretching exercises that put your muscles into working mode. The whole body is warmed up and at the same time, the risk of injury is reduced. We also use various yoga and Pilates elements so that all of your body’s muscle groups benefit from my flexibility training. Efficient, static stretching exercises complete the program and have a very relaxing effect on your body. Your muscles will be stretched very long.

Learning to do the splits

Perhaps you are convinced that you will never be able to learn this balancing act. I will show you that it is possible. All you need is some stamina and regular training. In my course, we will practice various preparatory stretching exercises after an intensive warm-up and intensify them over time. I will show you how to do the splits correctly, and you will see that you will get better with each training.

Combine courses

This flexibility course can be perfectly combined with my other courses.

Suitable locations

This course can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Bring along:

Please bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle and a towel.