Funky Swing Kurs Berlin

Fit for Funky Swing

Pretty much the most fantastic cardio workout ever. Kick, jump, spin and dance with creative and funny moves to wonderful funky swing music. Together as a group of great people, we burn a tonne of calories without even noticing that we’re breaking a sweat. We also increase the performance of our heart and lungs, and therefore also our brains.

My training is suitable for everyone who wants to move. Although you dance alone, we all dance together and enjoy the driving funky music and the dynamic, varied dance moves. In every training session, I will show you new, easy-to-learn choreography, and you will feel how it strengthens your self-confidence. Enjoy the music, devote yourself completely to the dance and give your health a huge boost without even noticing it as you dance.

Open for all levels!

Your health

My one-hour cardiovascular training will have a very positive effect on your health. Regular participation will increase your maximum cardiac output, and as a result, your heart rate will decrease and your blood lipid level will decrease. Furthermore, you will soon feel super fit, healthy and great overall.

Great funky music

The rousing music that will accompany your training leaves you no choice – your body will move as if by magic when the rhythm-focused funk and the rhythmically springy swing take control of your muscles and thus your movements. You will be amazed by how much joy my intensive and sweaty training will give you.

Swing dance

Swing dance originated in the USA at the end of the 1920s. It is full of energy and has a very large spectrum of swinging movement elements. From this extensive material, we will always use new elements for our training. You will discover and train all your muscles, and your mind will not be bored.

Book as an event

Fit for Funky Swing is perfectly suited as a flash mob for weddings, events and corporate functions and of course as a regular company sport activity. I’ll train your performance with you carefully and efficiently.

Suitable locations

This course can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Bring along:

Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes and a water bottle.